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Lamp Options

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VeriVide light cabinets are available with different lamp options, tailor made to your requirements.

The requirements in textile production and trade are complex and diverse. The color perception depends largely on the type of light source. Therefore, VeriVide light cabinets offer the possibility to view colors in different lamp options, eg. artificial daylight (D65 or D50), UV, 840P15 (formerly TL84), CWF or evening light.

VeriVide - 4 light sources
Up to 4 different lamps can be choosen by you, exactly to your needs and requirements.
Normally, our light cabinets are equipped with the D65 and illuminants "Point of Sale", such as 840P15, 830P15 or Cool White, a UV light source and filament bulbs.
VeriVide - 5 light sources
These light cabinets can hold up to 5 different light sources.
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