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Performance Testing

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Air Permeability Tester
AirPro is an accurate air permeability tester used to test the resistance of airflow through fabrics and other materials. It comes with our TestWise software, making it very easy and efficient to use.

The AirPro can be used for a variety of applications including performance apparel, medical textiles, PPE, bedding, nonwovens, geotextiles and many more...

Moisture Management Tester
WickView is an innovative test instrument that uses a completely new measurement concept to detect and record the moisture transport through a garment, helping it understand the moisture management of clothing.

With the help of non-contact, optical sensors, the spread of a defined amount of liquid is measured independently on both sides of the fabric and calculated, evaluated and interpreted with the newly developed WickView software. This gives you reliable, objective and easy-to-understand information about the performance of a garment that you can share with your customers.

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Hydrostatic Head Tester
The HydroView is used to determine the waterproof properties of textiles such as sportswear, coated fabrics, medical textiles, PPE, nonwovens and geotextiles over a precisely controlled pressure range of up to 10 bar.

The 10” touchscreen with our intuitive TestWise software allows you to select preloaded standards or create your own test methods.
HydroView is easy to use and requires minimal staff training.

Dry Rate Tester
The drying properties of sportswear are an important factor for functionality and comfort during sporting activities with heavy perspiration.
ProDry replicates these real-live conditions and determines the drying properties precisely and reproducibly.

Test parameters are loaded automatically, but also can be set manually via the touch screen.
During the test, the results are displayed graphically in real time and after the end point of the test is determined the drying rate is automatically calculated with James Heal’s TestWise software.

Water Repellency Tester (Bundesmann)
TruRain is a test instrument to determine the water repellency of textiles using simulated raining (Bundesmann test).
During development, special attention was paid to precision to ensure accurate measurement results and perfect reproducibility. This ensures reliable determination of water absorption and water permeability.

TruRain's water circulation unit reduces operating costs by approximately 80% and water consumption by 99%, making TruRain a more sustainable Bundesmann tester.
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Martindale - Wet Abrasion Tester
The AquAbrasion is a wet abrasion tester based on the traditional Martindale instrument. It uses a dosing system that continuously delivers liquids to the specimens, which keeps the specimen wet during the test.
Deionised water can be used to simulate rainy conditions or a perspiration solution to imitate athletic activity conditions.
AquaAbrasion can also be used to test the effect of other liquids such as sunscreen or hand disinfectants on a wide range of materials.

Since the abrasion resistance and durability of clothing changes significantly under wet conditions, our AquAbrasion is an indispensable test method to ensure the quality of textile products.

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