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Textile Machines
Ugolini srl  was founded in 1974 by Umberto Ugolini, a mechanical engineer who for  25 years designed and assembled dyeing machines at ILMA, a leading  textile machinery company based in Schio (VI). The experience gained during this time was the basis for the successful start of the company.

Today, the company can offer a wide range of products:
  • dyeing
  • laboratory equipment
  • drying machines
  • centrifuges
  • Automatic dosing systems

In  recent years, Ugolini, in collaboration with major textile companies,  has become more and more specialized in the production of dyeing  machines for small productions, thus gaining a leading position in the  global textile industry.
Yarn Dyeing Machines

Dyeing machines for yarn, rods, fabrics, zippers, tapes, fiber flakes.
The modular design allows to add additional modules at any time.

For dyeing all fibers, including synthetic fibers at high pressure (140°C, 4.8 bar).
Laboratory Machines

  • Dyeing machines with capacities of 20g to 150g
  • Laboratory dyeing machines in any form up to 135°C with infrared heating, up to 20 cups
  • Drawer dryer with optional coating unit
  • Foulards in different sizes - horizontal or vertical
Spare Parts

Our extensive range allows us to manufacture accessories for many makes to meet all customer requirements.
We deliver customized
  • Perforated cylinder
  • Carrier for cheeses
  • quick release
  • Top plates
  • spacers
  • shovel
  • bucket
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