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Headquartered in Mercallo, Varese, Italy, STA BRANCA IDEALAIR is a worldwide leader in manufacturing textile testing instruments for the analysis of fabrics, yarns and fibres in accordance to international standards such as ISO, EN, UNI, BS, NF, IWS, SN, AATCC, ASTM GB, JIS, ITWO, etc...
Every step of production is carried out and supervised by qualified staff and tested by specialized technicians issuing each product with a certificate of quality.

In 1925, the company's founder Eng. Alberto Branca began his career in the studies about Textile in France with special insights in textile technology and microscopy (Recherche Mécaniques et physiques - Paris). After a few years he engineered an innovative drying tester for fibres known as Regain tester, the first to be manufactured in Italy. The instrument has since set the standard for the analysis and definition of the commercial weight of textile fibres such as silk, wool, cotton etc.

BRANCA IDEALAIR will also in future strive for new instruments and new technologies to guarantee the efficient and reliable analysis of fabrics, yarns and fibres and to develop a wide range of testing equipment to satisfy the high requirements of our customers and always offering a professional Customer service!
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